Other Activities

Organized workshops on :


i)   Under utilized and under Exploited plants. ICAR AIC Project on UU & UEP, in 1986.


ii) "Cultivation of Jojoba" sponsored by Directorate of Agriculture, Rajasthan, in May 1991.


iii) "Potentials of Jojoba Cultivation in India" sponsored by Department of Wastelands


iv) Development, Government of India, in October 1993.


v)   "Potentials of Prosopis species in India" sponsored by FERRO-USDA (PL-480 Project) in November 1993.


vi)     International Workshop on “Prosopis : State of knowledge” sponsored by HDRA, U.K. from 8-11 Feb., 99.


vii)   Training on Prosopis juliflora Management and utilization. Sponsored by HDRA, U.K.


Consultant/Advisor :


i)        Contract Consultant for UNCED Geneva (United Nations Conference on Environment Development) in 1991 to prepare Draft Report on "Action Plan for Combating Desertification in Indian Arid Regions".


ii)      Advisor to Government of Gujarat for Banni Area Development (Gujarat).


iii)    UNSO (United Nations Sudano-Sahalian Office) has offered to work as Mission Leader to evaluate their project on "Effect of Acacia senegal on Combating Desertification in Sudan" in April 1993.


iv)    Invited by Buursink & Associates, Inc - "Natural Resource Manage­ment and  environmental Assessment" to work for them as consultant from May - July 1994 in Yeman.


v)      Worked as Expert Panel Member for IPED (International Panel of Expert on Desertification) in UN-INCD (Intergovernmental Negotia­tion Committee on Combating Desertification), Geneva since Feb.1993 to Dec. 1994. (For Two years).


vi)    Working as Member, Governing Council of the Association of the Rajasthan Jojoba plantation & Research Project.


vii)  Consultant for ICFRE, Dehradun to evaluate “Development of economically viable and integrated agroforestry models for arid regions” of AFRI, Jodhpur

viii) Invited by FRWO-IRAN as expert to deliver Lecturers on Management and Utilization of Mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) Oct., 2010.

ix) Invited by ICFRE-Dehradun to deliver Lecturer to African delegates (Indo-African Collaboration on Deserts & Catrons) Two Time.

x)   Invited by CAPART – Jaipur to deliver Lecturers Dr. Gum tapping techniques at KVK Barmer, Rajasthan.

xi) Invited by NTSC-DST to prepare guide line for the children science congress 2012-2013. On "Energy Resources & Management" at Tejpur University, Tejpur, Assam.

xii) Invited by AFRI, Jodhpur as RAG member.

Invited as Expert to review Research proposals and the thesis submission by Research Fellow of AFRI-Jodhpur.

xiv) Attended Brain Storming Meetings on Agroforestry, Forestry Research at AFRI, Jodhpur.

xv) Indian Expert for the Project on "Best Agricultural practice of Senna" for Traditional Medicine – California USA.





Work in Societies  :


  I.                 Executive Member for Indian Environmental Society in 1974.

II.                 Treasurer for 'Geobios' in 1974.

III.                 President - Prosopis Society since 1993.

IV.                 Vise President--  Indian society of Agroforestry, NRC Agroforestry, Jhansi 2008

V.                 Fellow – Indian society of salinity research scientists.


Member societies:

i)            Life member--  Indian society of Agroforestry, NRC Agroforestry, Jhansi 2008

ii)          Life Member of Arid Zone Research Association of India, Jodhpur

iii)        Member Indian Society of tree sciences. "Journal of tree sciences."

iv)        Member for Desertification control Bulletin, Published from UNEP - Nairobi.

v)          Wood News - Ganein Publication Pvt. Ltd., Banglore.


Other Activities:


·              Attended number of seminars and symposia and delivered lectures and presented papers.

·              Conducted visits of IFS, State Forest Officers and Range Officers in CAZRI, Jodhpur and also number of dignitaries.

·              Act as a resource person for Thar Voluntary Health Society in science village activities

·              Member of  RAG in AFRI


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