·        Honorary Lecture : Taught Plant Ecology and Plant Physiology to B.Sc. students of Jodhpur University (JNVY Jodhpur) for the years 1974 and 1975.

·        Worked as Junior research Fellow in ---480 project “Weed flora associated with pearl millet and their management” from 1973-1975 and submitted the thesis on “Distribution of biomass and nutrients in the ephemerals of desert ecosystem” for Ph. D.  degree in 1976.

During the research work

o   Studied the effect of different cations and rare earth  elements and potassium on stomata regulation in Allium cepa and Asphodelus tenuifolius

o   Studied monthly biomass production and their distribution. Also correlated biomass production with rainfall and temperature.

o   Studied the biodiversity in protected and irrigated areas.


·         1975-1985

o   Worked in range management and soil conservation wherein identified suitable grasses and fodder legumes for arid and semi arid regions.

o   Worked on renovation of degraded rangelands to improve their productivity by reseeding, fertigation and soil management (soil and water conservation)

o   Worked in sustainability of improved rangelands by controlled grazing and grazing by different livestock herds.


·         Since 1983 to till date

o   Working on introduction and evaluation of different trees/shrubs of isochimatic regions. Developed their silvi-cultural practices (nursery, out planting, pruning etc)

o   Developed different agro forestry models for different landforms.

o   Developed and refined sand dune stabilization, afforestation of different land forms (rockey, shallow and saline & sodic soils)

o   Developed gum tapping techniques from different gum producing tree species using gum inducer.

o   Developed value added products from trees and shrubs of identified plant species.


Project handled / In operation


Ø  Screening of suitable grass and legumes for different agro-ecological zones


Ø  Management of Rangelands by different grazing systems


Ø  Renovation of rangelands by different mechanical operations


Ø  Effect of fertilizers on growth and production of different grass species


Ø  Introduction and evaluation of tree/shrub from isoclimatic region of the world


Ø  Development of Silvicultural practices of adapted tree species


Ø  Development of Agroforestry models for arid and semi-arid regions


Ø  Development of nursery techniques for promising species


Ø  Standardization of vegetative propagation of Jojoba


Ø  To evaluate the Prosopis species for biofuel and pod production in arid, semi-arid and salt affected soils of India


Ø  Extent and Distribution, structure and production function of Prosopis cineraria, Tecomella undulata and Acacia senegal 


Ø  Quantification of different agroforestry models for production and soil ameliorating traits


Ø  Development of techniques for gum production from Acacia senegal



Received Grants from Externally funded Projects


  • Prosopis species for biofuel and Pod production in arid and semi arid regions of India. from  USAID (PL-480 project) for Rs 18 Lacs.     


  • Standardrization of vegetative propagation in Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) from NWDB - Rs 21 Lacs.


  • Standardrization of advance nursery technologies for large scale Quality Seedling production AP SAS Fund ICAR for Rs 11 Lacs. 


  • Development of techniques for gum production from Acacia senegal . AP Cess Fund ICAR for Rs. 6, 28, 120/- .


  • Management and Utilization of Prosopis juliflora in arid and semi-arid regions of India. HDRA-UK for Rs. 4,20,000/-. 


  • Mortality in Prosopis cineraria: Identification of causal factors and development of management strategies for Rs. 13,30, 000


  • NAIP Project- Value chain on value added products derived from Prosopis juliflora for Rs. 201.102 Lacs.



Research guidance:  


Guided four stu­dents for Ph. D. degree:


1.      Mr. N.K. Sharma:  Quantitative and qualitative analysis for pod, seed and seedling traits in Prosopis juliflora. Ph. D. awarded in 1995.


2.      Mr. M.D. Bohra:  Bio-ecological factors influencing seedling growth of Simmondsia chinensis (Link.) Schneider and Prosopis juliflora (SW) DC. Awarded in 1996.


3.      Mrs Neeta Mutha : Standardization of containerized nursery techniques for arid zone tree species. Awarded in 2000.


4.      Mr. A.P. Bohra:  Physico chemical studies of some plant exudates. Ph. D. degree awarded in 2006



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